I purchased a Christmas tree at Garden Ridge on December 26th. Got it home and it was defective.

I went to return the tree with my receipt showing that I paid $74.99 and they wanted to give me $15.00 refund for the tree. They said that is there store policy that they have to return it at current selling price since it was a Christmas item, even though it was defective. DO NOT SHOP THERE!!! THEY ROB MONEY FROM GOOD PEOPLE!!!!!!!

The receipt did state that when returning any Christmas items after Dec 25, you would be refunded at current selling price, which I totally understand.

But mine was defective. They still didn't care.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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I shopped at the Christmas Tree Shop in North Conway, N.H. I did not get the managers name but he was tall, medium built with grey hair.

I asked him a simple question about helping me with something and he was EXTREMELY RUDE to me.

Consequently, courtesy and consideration is not high on their list. I would definitely NEVER GO BACK THERE TO SHOP since I refuse to spend my hard earned dollars to go to a company that hires and promotes incredibly ignorant and inconsiderate people.


How long did you wait to return the tree? If you would have returned it the same day you would have got all of your money back.

You say you understand the return policy, so why does it matter if it was defective or not? You should have just returned it and then purchased a new one which still would have been 15 dollars.

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